The Causes Of Chlamydia? You will get chlamydia by having unsafe sex having a partner that is infected.

The Causes Of Chlamydia? You will get chlamydia by having unsafe <a href=""></a> sex having a partner that is infected.

What exactly is chlamydia?

Chlamydia is just a std (std) that impacts both women and men. It’s treatable, however it may cause complications that are serious you don’t get treatment plan for it.

a typical myth is chlamydia is transferrable through kissing. Is it real? The answer that is short, no.

The observable symptoms of chlamydia may include:

  • a burning sensation during urination
  • a smelly, irregular release through the vagina or penis
  • An sore that is unusual or across the genitals
  • inflammation and discomfort in one single or both testicles
  • rectal discomfort
  • rectal bleeding
  • vaginal bleeding between durations
  • An eye pneumonia or infection in newborns

Signs and symptoms can take place weeks after you have got intercourse with an individual who has chlamydia. A lot of people who’ve chlamydia don’t have actually any observeable symptoms.

The bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis causes chlamydia. Additionally cause other problems, including:

You can’t transfer chlamydia through kissing, sharing consuming eyeglasses, or hugging, you could distribute the condition:

  • through unprotected genital, dental, or anal intercourse with somebody who has the condition
  • to your infant through childbirth if you’re pregnant and infected
  • during non-safe sex having a male partner also if he does not ejaculate


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