Federal Direct Stafford Loans are also referred to as Direct Loans or Federal Direct Loans.

Federal Direct Stafford Loans are also referred to as Direct Loans or Federal Direct Loans.


You need to make an application for school funding with the FAFSA. You shall never be automatically offered a Direct Loan. You must request the loan from the financial aid office if you want to borrow from the Direct Loan program. You do not need the funds, you may decline the loan by contacting the financial aid office if you request a Direct Loan and later decide.

Subsidized Loans

You are eligible for a subsidized Direct Loan if you are an undergraduate student and have financial need. No interest will be charged as long as you maintain at least half-time enrollment (6 credits) with subsidized loans. Economic need may be the distinction between price of Attendance and your Expected Family Contribution.

Qualifying Credits and Programs

You have to simply just take at the least 6 credits per semester. You should be accepted for admission up to a degree-seeking system (this consists of qualified certificate programs).

Unsubsidized Loan

The unsubsidized loans are charged mortgage of 4.53% and it is offered to pupils that do not be eligible for the loan that is subsidized. The real difference associated with unsubsidized loan is that interest accrues as the pupil attends college. You might be entitled to get A direct that is unsubsidized loan change all or a percentage of this family members share if you have loan eligibility staying.

150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limit (SULA)

Direct Loan requirements limit debtor eligibility for Direct Subsidized Loans to a time period of 150 % associated with the amount of the borrower’s academic program. As an example, 6 many years of Subsidized Loan eligibility for a Bachelor’s level and three years for the Associate’s level. Under specific conditions, first-time borrowers that have surpassed the 150 per cent limitation may lose the attention subsidy on their Direct loans that are subsidized.