This Reddit Thread About Horrifying Wedding Stories Is Killing Us

This Reddit Thread About Horrifying Wedding Stories Is Killing Us

They are therefore cringe-worthy it HURTS

You might have been dreaming of the big day from the time you had been a litttle lady. You envisioned yourself twirling around in a ball dress along with your Prince Charming leading the means over the space. Unfortunately, real world doesn’t always gift you the blissful luxury of experiencing a mythic wedding that goes down with no hitch, and these horror tales from Reddit just go to show it. A warning to all Much even worse. Continue reading for a few of the most extremely cringe-worthy wedding tales we’ve have you ever heard.

“At my pal’s wedding after the ceremony, my cousin—his best man—got entirely destroyed before their most readily useful guy’s message. He proceeded to increase on stage, ramble for 15 to 20 moments telling crude jokes and what number of ladies the groom had slept with before he came across their now spouse. Then he jumped off the phase, fell over regarding the landing and split their pants open along the ass. Nevertheless perhaps perhaps not done, he challenged the groom’s 75-year-old grandpa up to a wrestling match. And destroyed. Groom told him after he woke up from fainting down the road the flooring when you look at the part which he’d never forgive him. “

“a couple of years straight back we went along to a wedding of a household buddy of mine. The bride’s moms and dads had divorced whenever she ended up being almost no and she made a decision to have her stepdad walk her along the aisle than her real father since she was much closer to him.