Superheroes, Bees, & More. By Amanda · Mar 5, 2020 at 11:30 am · View all 10 feedback

Superheroes, Bees, & More. By Amanda · Mar 5, 2020 at 11:30 am · View all 10 feedback

Fake Bride Wanted by Holly Rayner is 99c at Amazon! This can be a romance that is contemporary a week ago and is apparently bursting with catnip. Royalty! Fake relationships! Figures with history! This has a rating that is 4.1-star Goodreads and contains actually reviews that are positive.

Julian Meijer is a man that has everything—almost. A billionaire bachelor, as well as the youngest, member that is hottest of a lengthy type of Dutch nobility, there’s just one single thing that eludes him: the Meijer Ruby, a priceless family members treasure that is been lost for generations. Following a tip-off leads him to your vaults of an ancient bank, Julian believes their search for the ring has ended, but the truth prevents him in the songs: so that you can inherit it, he must utilize it to propose to their future bride!

Shelby Bright has liked Julian since their schooldays together, nevertheless the two have actuallyn’t talked in fifteen years. Each time a job that is new lands her working at his business, she’s hoping just that he’ll keep in mind who she’s. Minimal does she understand, he’s much larger plans waiting for you on her behalf!

It’s maybe maybe not well before Julian gift suggestions their offer: a sham wedding, in return for a money amount big enough to alter her life forever. Not able to resist the billionaire’s indecent proposal, Shelby finds by by herself dropping head over heels for Julian yet again, also she once fell for as it becomes clear that her old friend is not the sweet, kind boy.

Can Shelby place her emotions apart in the interests of the deal? Will Julian ever recognize that the real worth of their quest, lies not in a priceless jewel, however in a tremendously real, extremely fake fiancee?

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