ELC Vet Clinic

Our mission at ELC Veterinary Clinic is to provide our clients
Extra Loving Care. We define Extra Loving Care as superior
customer care and high quality medicine with a minimum of
pain and discomfort for our loyal animal companions.

Every member of our staff have their own animals and loves
and treats them as members of the family.  We like to think
of ourselves as the "Mom & Pop" of veterinary clinics, with
high quality and very personal service.

Dr. Ron Kleiman has been working in veterinary medicine for
the past 37 years. A graduate of the University of Illinois
school of Veterinary Medicine in 1971.  Dr. Kleiman is the
only doctor and therefore can give special attention to every
person and pet from your very first visit to follow-up care
This creates what we believe to be  
clients and animals.  We encourage new clients and offer
senior citizen & coupon discounts.  Please feel free to contact
us. Simply click on the "CONTACT US" button on any page of
this Website and send us an email. We will do our best to
reply within three business days.