ELC Treatment Profiles

I have a strong interest in Internal Medicine and have
treated a variety of different problems over the years.  
The following is but a small example: Broken bones of the
(pelvis, legs & ribs); Abscesses (from cat and dog fights)
Feline Leukemia, uterine infections, auto-immune
thromboyctopenia, tick bone diseases (ehrlichiosis), rocky
mountain spotted fever, testicular tumors, prostate
disease, auto-immune hemolytic anemia, liver cancer, heart
diseases ( cardiomyopathy, heart tumors, degenerative
heart disease and precardial tumors)  Environmental and
food allergies, geriatric diseases, thyroid tumors and
countless skin conditions.  Though many of these illnesses
are treated with medicine, some do require surgery to
correct.  Many surgical procedures do not involve abdominal
cavity invasion, an example of these include: Eye surgery to
treat conditions (entropion, lazy eye, ulcer-tumors and
nucleation.)  Dental surgery is also very common in our
practice, used to treat gum problems like: Hyperplastic
gums, tumors and cysts.  But many of these types of
problems are prevented by a good old-fashioned teeth

Dr. Ronald Kleiman DVM

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